In this article, we will show you step by step that, 4 Best Dating Apps For Shy Guys (UPDATED 2021) | My Top Picks! I hope you found this useful.

There are some new contenders that you do not want to miss. So if in those four years, technology has advanced significantly and the algorithms and the dating app platforms are so smart, so I’m, really excited to highlight four of my favorite dating apps this year and stay tuned until the very end to find out Which one I highly recommend out of all four for my 2021 highlights if you like, Best dating app I post every Friday and next week I’m, actually doing a five-day tinder challenge, which I will be posting next Friday, so make sure you are Subscribed – and you give this Content a thumbs up, it really helps support me and my Website.

Also, this content is not sponsored like I literally, am on best dating apps myself, so I just want to get that out there. The first on the list is the tried and true hinge. There is a reason why hinge has become so incredibly popular over the past couple of years and especially very recently, it’s, no surprise that they’re successful because their motto is designed to be deleted.

But it is the prompts and icebreaker questions that truly make this app shine. Shy, guys, listen up. Even for me, it’s, so hard to spark up a conversation. I know that’s shocking, but it so hinges has provided many ways for someone to interact with your profile, so whether that is commenting on a specific photo liking, a specific photo or even commenting on specific answers to prompts that someone has.

So this is an example of a prompt that someone has filled in the answer, for I love following the Instagram account unhinged because I get to see really funny answers to prompts that people have put and it’s really inspiring for me, because if I feel like my profile is really boring.

Then I can just like a look at one of these and get inspiration from them. And honestly, I’ve been on hinge for a couple of years now, and it has become the only day that provides so much information on an individual.

Where I leave feeling like wow. I really know who this person is. I know what they’re looking for, and I feel so comfortable sparking up various conversations based on what they have on their profile and, lastly, with a hinge.

All in all, I feel really comfortable being on there. I haven’t had really any bad experiences, and I find that a lot of the guys that are on there are really taking it seriously. They’re, putting an effort in their profile and it’s really just been a really nice experience.

For me personally, so hinge is one that I highly highly recommend. If you have not given it a chance, that is one to try. Next up you guessed it, we have bumble. This is literally the national anthem for shy guys.

Why? Because you literally don’t, do anything by all in all this is such a good app, and I’ll. Tell you why? If you’re, not familiar with bumble, it basically puts all of the power into the woman’s, hands aka guys.

You can sit back and relax and wait for that girl to say something to you. First, so how it works is. If there’s a match, the girls have 24 hours to message a guy. First then, the guy has 24 hours to respond to that first message and if the time runs out, then the connection has disappeared, and I will say that a lot of this is in the hands of the women and it’s.

Kind of frustrating. Sometimes, when a guy doesn’t put that much effort in his profile because, unlike hinge, there’s, not something we can like directly comment on. So we have to bring that up in our messages.

If you don’t have anything on your profile. It’s. Gonna be a lot harder for us to find anything interesting to say as the first message, so you’re, just gonna be stuck with hey John. What’s up or hey John? How are you and that’s, boring so guys? If you’re gonna be on bumble, please take in some extra time to really put some great interesting content on your dating app profile.

So this is a really great dating app for shy, guys one because it just got a great reputation. There’s a lot of users on it. It’s. Definitely a fan-favorite among the women. We feel safe. It’s, super trendy and it’s.

Definitely one of the top-performing dating apps out there. So, of course, this is gonna be a really great opportunity to switch it up. So it’s, a good app, but this does not mean you guys can be lazy.

A girl does not want to control the conversation the entire time. So if she’s, asking new questions make sure that you’re. Asking her interesting questions and actually putting in that effort to get to know her.

I cannot tell you how many times I match with a guy on bumble and the conversation just dies because he’s, not putting an effort to get to know me. He’s, just answering my questions and then just kind of like reacting, and I leave the conversation feeling like wow.

This guy does not know who I am at all so really put in that extra effort. Next up, we have coffee meets bagel wow. I have heard so many great things from some of my close girlfriends and there have been really good experiences there now.

This is a fairly new dating app. That is definitely taking the dating app world by storm. There are lots of users, but something that really stands out about this dating app is the quality versus quantity feature because they are curating your daily selection of bagels.

It allows you to explore each potential match a lot more carefully, but also gives you a variety of other members in the explore section. So because this is not a swipe up style, it really helps you engage with a lot of the users.

A lot more than you would on other dating apps, so coffee meets bagel, has actually updated and redone their entire user interface. So it’s. A lot cleaner, it’s, a lot easier to use and it’s become a lot more reliable for people who are looking to find like-minded people.

So, like any app, please be aware of fake profiles and definitely try to make your profile stand out from all the rest. So while I have not personally been on coffee meets bagel, a lot of my girlfriends have been on there and they have reported that they.

Ve met some really great guys. I would also recommend this for some of you that live in smaller towns and are looking for serious relationships. This could definitely be the perfect dating app for you.

So if you have been on coffee meets bagel or you’re currently on it comment down below because I want to hear your personal thoughts are on this getting up. You know I had to add tender into this mix.

Last but not least, this app is definitely the OG. This has, I think, 71 million waves how many users system how many users test tinder have here been, an answer from research gate dotnet, with an estimated 50 million or more users worldwide.

Tinder has become one of the most popular mobile dating applications. Okay, okay, a few thoughts. Tinder is a literally like College. It’s wild. There are some interesting folks. There are horndogs some notable and kind individuals, some cat Fisher’s, who are looking just to hook up, and then there are those rare people that are really looking for a relationship and a meaningful connection.

Literally, you have no idea what you’re gonna get when you get on this app, and I’ve been on this app for the past three days. For my tinder challenge and I’m posting next week and you guys, then I truly cannot wait to show you what I’ve already experienced in three days, but it’s been interesting being on tinder.

I want to share with you some things that you may or may not know about tinder, because it has changed drastically since the last time I’ve, been On it, which was in college many years ago, so if you’re, an active user like me, you tend to either see people that you’ve, seen before on dating apps, or you run out of people.

The good thing about tinder is that there are so many people on this app that it’s. Gonna be very, very difficult to see people that you’ve already seen before, and I really like that this is so great for some of you that don’t live in a bigger city.

Maybe it’s hard to find friends. This is such a good kind of, like the variety that you get with tinder. The app as I’ve been seeing has not become as user-friendly. I know that they’re, trying to like change it up and like make it, unlike any other dating app.

But honestly, it’s been really difficult and you. but it’s been kind of hard to navigate like how do I look at the photos? It’s changed and like. How do I indicate that I like them, and then I can’t swipe left or I can’t swipe right? It’s, just really confusing.

So I would not say it’s very user friendly and I would think one of the most annoying parts about tinder and I’m. Sorry about that. I have to say this, but literally every couple seconds there is like a request for an in-app purchase.

Like the amount of times I’m bombarded to buy something in-app is so excessive. It’s, so annoying like it just makes me like not be in the moment and it doesn’t make me enjoy the experience because I just want to feel like tinder is like.

Oh, you want to do this. That’s, gonna be $17.99 a month. Oh, you want to do this. Oh, it’s. Gonna be $50 a year like whatever it is. It’s just too much and it takes away from the full user experience.

So really the cons with tinder. Also, I’ve, run into a lot of guys that maybe are looking for something a little bit more casual. They just want to hook up when you’re on tinder. You really got to prepare for that, but I will say that it’s, not all bad apples.

Right like there are some really cool people on there and some people prefer to be on tinder than any other dating app. So I have to remember that too. When I’m, not finding someone on bumble or hinge, I have to remember wow there’s like people moving to a new city that is probably on tinder before anything else.

So my final thoughts on tinder – it is a journey with you, my friend it is it’s, a lot you have to mentally prepare, but I would not write off tinder,

So not much has changed in the four years. I can only vouch for dating apps, and I thought that by this time I could maybe you know, talk about five dating apps or six, but unfortunately, I can, and so we’re stuck with four because I was reading a lot of the Reviews – and I didn’t want to promote a dating app that I wasn’t very familiar with a lot of the reviews on other dating apps had scams and fake profiles.

People weren’t enjoying the interface they’re having a really difficult time, so the dating apps that I mentioned in this article are really ones that I can confidently vouch for, and honestly, this, like made me want to create my own Dating app, okay, I got a lot of comments and I got a lot of thoughts so for this year I think the highlight for me and it’s, always changing one link.

I’m like wow. I love hinge so much and the next week I’m, having better luck with bumble and now that I’m on tinder. For my challenge, I’m like wow. Tinder is actually not that terrible. It’s kind of hard to say it’s, really a tie between bumble and hinge, because every couple months, like a hinge, will be like on fire.

I’ll, be talking to like so many guys on. They’re, having great conversations, maybe just being friends with them, and then some weeks on bumble I’m like wow like this app is awesome. There are, so many cool guys on here and there, actually trying so at this current moment or sing bumble, but it’s.