Cats have a highly developed drive to pursue their pray so they don’t like to play alone but love to play with other objects and especially with humans. Playing with your cat is everyone’s favorite task in free time.

Cats are famous for being moody and they don’t care for the owner’s desires often. That being said, everyone tries his best to keep his cat amused with fun games and love to spend time with his or her cat.

Coming up with a good game for your cat is not an easy task. You can try different things to have fun with your cat. We have sorted some famous and fun fish game for cats which you can play with your cat to have fun. Following is the list of some of the most famous games:


Despite the common belief, fetch is not a game only for dogs. You can easily play this game with your feline cat too. You can get your cat’s favorite toys and toss each toy one by one for your cat to fetch back to you.

Try to select toys which she can easily carry in her mouth. You can treat your cat with fish or with any of her favorite dish and pet her to encourage her. Try tossing a few toys and see how your cat brings it back to you while jumping with joy. It will be the best experience for both of you.

Fish and String:

If your cat is full of energy and loves to play games then it is one of the best fish game for cats. All you need to do is get a wand and string and a bunch of fish to get started with this game.

There are multiple types of “catfishing rods” available in the market which you can get for a very low price usually. These are available in multiple colors and styles which vary in design and length.

Tie the string with a wand and tie a fish on the other end. Carry the wand to your cat, hold it above her head and see her jumping to get the fish attached.

You can make this game more interesting by placing the wand higher each time your cat gets the fish successfully. Your cat will love to play this game as she will be rewarded for each successful attempt.

Cups and Fish:

One of the best fish game for cats is cups and fish. You can reward your cat with fish for each successful attempt. Get three cups of same sizes, put a fish under one cup and shuffle the cups in front of your kitten.

Let your kitten find the hidden fish by checking each of the cups. You can make this game more interesting by shuffling the cups after each attempt by your kitten.

Your kitten will love to guess where the fish in is actual and getting fish to eat as a reward at the end will make her happy. You can easily enjoy your precious time with your kitten while also letting her enjoy and play to get her fish.

Hidden Treasure:

Cats to love play games in which they have to find treasure.  You can wrap fish or her favorite toys inside paper but not too hard so that she can easily unwrap it.

Wrap a few objects separately and toss them in front of your cat. Get amused while watching your cat unwrap the objects and get treats from inside.  Your cat will love to find her favorite toys and especially love to get fish to eat.