In this article, we will show you step by step that, POF (Plenty of Fish) Dating App Review, I hope you found this useful.

Hello, my name is King silverback hope you have a fantastic day. Today is a wonderful day because I’m gonna be talking about something that I really enjoyed doing or being on. You could say, and that was dating apps and specifically plenty of fish – is one that I don’t recommend you get on and I’ll.

Explain why in this video, but I will say some of the reasons you should download the app which may sound weird so a little bit of backstory never been a relationship. I was literally on these apps for three weeks or three and a half weeks, something like that.

Wasn’t on these apps for a long period of time, but I learned so much because I swiped right on everybody and you know there’s, a lot to learn when you swipe right on everyone, including the fake accounts, especially on This one, this one has the fakest accounts out of all, which is plenty of fish, is what I’m, referring to has the fakest accounts, at least on the male to female, like men or males that are seeking or attracted to or Looking for women, which sounds really caveman-like, but it’s all good.

Do you know who knows this app? It’s, so funny how these apps are. How do I want to say this? These apps are catered towards men but made for women weirdest thing in the world, and then you know the homosexual crowd.

These apps are for. All too cuz. All probably have more. All probably have a better time on these apps. To be honest, cuz you know on the heterosexual side, it’s not as fun.

It’s, just more difficult to find people that are like-minded simple as that, but I digress. This is basically what it looks like the app and everything, and you see right there, that’s. The popularity chart thing this popularity chart will basically tell you how popular you are and what that means is how many people want to meet you or how many people have you matched with and the more people you match with the higher and higher and higher.

It goes up to me personally. I was at the medium that was after three weeks. I it was pretty low most of the time actually, even though, which is insane. Let me I matched with probably 40 people, 40 or more people, and the crazier part is.

I had like 30 was a 32 or something like some crazy number of people that wanted to meet me and what they do with that is is that if somebody swiped right on you, it’ll, add to the list, and you actually get to see their profile, but the issue is, is that most of the people are fake, because then you click on the profile you can’t view the profile and if they do it so that you pay money to [, Music ] basically have access to All the people that want to meet you all that kind of stuff, so it’s.

A mistake. Don’t pay any money for plenty of fish. Please know it’s, a waste of your time. You’re, better off spending money on bumble, tinder, bumble, tinder, maybe OkCupid, and yeah – that’s it. Those are the only ones that are worth spending money on because those are the ones that people are most active on.

People are more active on Badu, but do has its own issues that I will talk about in the future, but you also have your profile, your profiles, normal, nothing crazy with that, but in your profile you have a thing called my chemistry now what My chemistry is is really something that I believe you should download the app for whether you’re, you know, 14-year-old or your 85-year-old.

It’s. Gonna tell you a lot about yourself and obviously what I’m, saying those two ages, drastic difference in ages, but what I mean by that, what I’m saying by that, is to download the app and then delete it use.

Just this my chemistry thing, because it’s very, very important to learn about yourself, and this right here will tell you a lot about yourself and I just really really enjoyed it, because I learned a lot about myself that I should have Screenshotted it but yeah I’ve been it, but that’s.

Fine, I completed the entire quiz a lot of the people on these apps don’t, but the ones that do, I believe, are the more serious ones. So if you see somebody, if you want to try this app out, if you see somebody that says that they’ve completed their chemistry test, then swiping right on them may be a good idea, because they at least went that extra step.

This test took about 45 minutes or longer. I give us a long test if I remember correctly and yeah, so those are basically the features on this app there are literally unlimited people on these apps swipe right for literally days, swipe left for days.

Whatever you want to do there’s, no limits to anything on this app, whereas a lot of most other apps have limits. But overall, my overall consensus is don’t, get this app and stay on it, get the app for the chemistry test, and then leave another thing.

The main reason I say, don’t ever get on this app won the fake people into you can’t really trust in these people, because you don’t know if they’re real or not, and On top of all that, it’s a terribly made app.

You get notifications from people that you can’t really read very, very difficult to read the notifications on this app. You’ll get hundreds and hundreds of messages a week. I kind of did that instead of the day you get probably hurt.

I was getting eight or so notifications a day some days, not as many some days a lot some days, not as many whatever and towards the end. I just stopped swiping right. I was so tired of that app because it’s non-stop.

Like you literally just swipe right, I could swipe right for 25 minutes and nothing. I’m, still be swiping right. There’s such an abundance of people on that app and there’s. Not really. I don’t think there’s, much of constricting the boundaries of where you want, like 50 hundred miles, have a little far you want it me personally, I recommend 25 miles because the likelihood of you going 100 miles away to meet Somebody not only small but also very unsafe, so I recommend you not go a hundred miles away to meet somebody that’s, just not safe, in my opinion, at all and yeah that’s.

Really my opinions on this app. I do not recommend it, but it does have a really nice feature that will teach you a lot about yourself that I think, is very important to use and to kind of take advantage of the fact that this is a free app.

You can get a free test, screenshot that, and then you got stuff that’s like kind of facts about yourself that you can, you know remind yourself like. Oh, these are the things that I may want to work on, doing better or just understanding and kind of being self-aware, helps you with self-awareness, which is very important yeah that’s really all for this video so hope you enjoyed.

My name is king, so back hope. You have a fantastic day and I will see you later.