Here today we’re gonna review the seesaw App and here’s. The product type video seesaw is a learning journal that empowers students to showcase what they’re learning at school students each gets their own journal and can easily add items.

Just by taking a picture, you can also add video drawings or anything from the camera. Roll seesaws camera detects if it’s being held steady before taking a picture and two taps are all it takes to add a voice, explanation, drawing, or text next students pick their name from the class list and add the item to their journal.

It’s that easy student, as young as 5, are using seesaw with minimal teacher supervision. Teachers can browse items from the whole class or review a single student. Work saw helps, keep everything organized and in one place, seesaw journals are accessible from anywhere on iPads iPhones, and on the web, making them great to refer back to for parent-teacher conferences, assessments or student self-reflection.

When teachers approve new items, parents are automatically notified, giving parents a personalized glimpse into their child’s day and a conversation starter for later parents can view only their child’s journal and student journals are kept completely private.

Setting up your class takes just 30 seconds download seesaw in the App Store and get started now. What seasaw does see saw is a digital portfolio, app that allows students to submit all kinds of work to the cloud in order for the teacher to eat to respond easily to, and so my take on sea salt.

First off it really is solves one of the biggest issues in schools with tablets. It solves that issue of how do I get the work from the tablet to the teacher and it works really really well with young kids, because there there is a QR code login.

So all the kids have to do to log in to submit work is scan a QR code and it really does solve one of those biggest the biggest issues with tablets, because you can submit things from the camera roll you can go and create on there.

You could submit photos, you can spent almost anything on there and it also has added to really new two features that used to be separate in like separate apps. You’d, have to get one app for each is what I mean they weren’t separate apps from seesaw, but you’d, have to get one app for each, and the first is that you can actually do narrated Whiteboard videos in seesaw, so for things like education and show me, you can actually do those in seesaw now, and so you have that all kind of all in one app and that’s really great.

The other thing they’ve added is they’ve added student blogs and so student blogs? You can do those within seesaw, so you have this one app where, especially with young kids, you can do this all together and what’s? Really nice, too, is you can set it where students can actually reflect on each other’s.

Work and they could critique each other’s. Work, but best of all with seesaw is that it’s currently free. Now, my overall EdTech view here seesaw is a wonderful, wonderful, app. It’s, one of my favorite favorite apps out there, because it solves that kind of big question of how do I get to work from a tablet to the teacher where the teacher can review it can see it, and so it really solves that Question – and they just keep getting better too, because they add some of the things that we were using in EdTech in the classroom, like the narrated whiteboard videos like blogs, into this one kind of easy format for kids, so, especially with the younger kids.

This is a great app, but it’s still a great app for the older kids too, because it makes those things easy.