How to install Tutu app On iPhone! (2021) | Best Way How to Use

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In this article, we will show you step by step that, how to use the Tutu app On iPhone! (2021) on the iPhone, I hope you found this useful.

Welcome back everyone, I just kind of wanted to showcase the state of the year of what to have is basically at right now because I see a lot of people ask me tutu app how to install it this and that what see the man? What’s he going and going on with it? In my opinion, they kind of ruined it.

All About TuTu App

To be honest, I mean it could have been something that was crazy at the time, but now they did something very, very weird. Now this is all my opinion as soon as I looked at it the other day because I remembered I was doing so many tutorials on this not too long ago, and I looked at it now – I’m.

Like I, don’t know what they were doing so before you could have actually installed to tutu app as a separate app. You know something like you know, F cake or whatever, which was really cool, but now you have to pay for that which is pretty insane.

So, as you can see right now, I have to add this. Is the website to flip, which I’ll link down below, if you guys want to get into it, but I started going through I’m, like oh, there’s like a bunch of cool apps.

I guess you know, respect her YouTube plus, you know VIP features, I guess or whatever. That means the grand theft auto media box, which is really important stuff. But then I was like: oh, they have the lite version, which is a free one.

So you don’t have to pay for it. So I’m like an all right bet. So then I went click tutu app a polite which was right there and, as you can see it says you know it gives you basically a bunch of different options away.

You can download them, which is really cool. I like that, so I started going through it. I was like okay, let me just test something, so let me just go there: okay, tech, tick, tock, +, +, so click on that right and I saw a bunch of different things.

It gives you the description, which is only a different language which doesn’t we okay with then I click the install button and then they gave me a little prompt. That said, you know this is a VIP thing or whatever.

So, as you can see, it says whatever I click install, I click allow and it says profile downloaded, and so I click general click scroll down into here. Click profile, device management, the g2 installation app whatever they just said, click install click, install again Wichitans so properly, and now it installs it analysis profile to buy or whatever right, continue whatever and then.

Basically, when I get into is a page like this, that makes me have to pay for just simply using the tutu app which was really weird, and so I scroll through, and I try to find a free one. But I couldn’t find it so I was like okay, whatever so I still went through.

I was like okay, so I guess I have to pay for it in order for me to download these tweaked apps, which I shouldn’t have to pay for anyway because you know most of them are reasons to the pipe. Has things we had to pay for which is really funny, but I went back and I scroll back here and I was like okay.

Well, maybe there’s, an air with that, let me go and try and stalling it again. Install the same thing comes up. That makes me want to go ahead and you know install it, which I already did so go and refresh the page right and it’s.

Basically, what I’m trying to get at is that it’s. Just a confusing mess tutu app is a very confusing mess right now – and this is the worst part, is you have to pay for these things and it’s really weird because you know, obviously you know if you want to support them or Whatever, but I felt like, there were different ways to go about doing it.

I think how they did it before was really really awesome, as you can see, had to pay for it, how they did it before with having ads and the apps and everything I felt like that was really cool. But now we don’t.

Even look at the tutu app as being one of those biggest ones right now, the waste you know going download, tweet, apps, and stuff like that anymore, like we used to remember it like back in like 20, 18, 20, and even early 2019 to Apple, was The app to go to – and it felt like every other app at that point – was like an alternative to tutu app the app, but now it’s the complete opposite.

You know this app. You know it was pretty much just paid for paid users. You know that’s, basically what it’s made for, and I feel like the developers are too. I probably found out that that was probably the best way they can make the most amount of money and they probably went from there.

So that’s, really pretty much it that’s. All I wanted a showcase of what the status of 2:12 is right. Now, really it’s, not in a good spot. There’s, really not too much. We can do with it unless you want to go pay for it.

The best way, right now, probably is still the autor method, which probably the best way you know, considering all the app stores are probably down right now, but that’s, really pretty much it. That’s.

The status of the app right now, if you guys have any other questions or anything, let me know in the comments section below if I like to bundle me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button, every single subscriber that we can’t really discount.

So it’d, mean so much for you guys can hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well. My Twitter, my Instagram, my second channel, all those a scrolling down below I’d, really appreciate.

If you guys check it out, more importantly, everything else every single one of you guys. Hopefully, I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace out to them

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