Are you a streamer that’s growing on the Twitch app platform and you want to start taking your content on the go to expand out into mobile streams? Well, if you are you’re in luck, because twitch came out with an update to their mobile app.

That makes mobile streaming on Twitch easier than ever. I’m gonna show you how to do it and the best tips and tricks to make sure you have a successful mobile stream and we’re, get started right after this looking to upgrade the production value within your stream.

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You became bigger and better by heading over to by clicking in the links below alrighty. Let’s, dive right into it now. Obviously, if you want to stream to twitch from your mobile device, please make sure you download the mobile app before you proceed now.

This video will work for both iPhone and Android, but I’m gonna show you how to do it. On my iPhone, because that’s, all I have access to, but the steps are basically the same, so you’ll, be able to keep up likewise for next, your little tease I’m gonna show you some awesome Tips at the end of this video so make sure you stick around, and now we’re gonna go over to the mobile device.

Open up your twitch mobile, app and in the top left corner will be your account, go ahead and click on that and in the header you will see the go live button. When you click on the go live button, it will take to the video feed of yourself below how you doing there.

Let’s, start from the top and work our way down for everything. So that way, you’re good to rock and roll and the top right corner right up. There is what flips the camera from front facing to back facing, and you can do this in between your stream.

If you want to a little bit more on this later so right now, you look at me, but I can flip this and it’s around and show what my camera is looking at right now it’s, looking at the cradle And monitor not much to see, and you can flip it right back with one easy touch right below this.

Is your information about your account that you’ll, putting up on your broadcast, so your name and then describe your stream? Is actually your stream title. So we’re, just gonna title this test for the video here and hit done and below that is you get to select your category now they’ve made this a little more streamlined by giving you default categories that you can go to for IRL streams, so pick which one best suits your needs for this I’m, just gonna do just chatting for the tutorial and below.

That is where you get to share it too. Now you can share this with different social medias, or you can even share it with different people that you might want to have tuned into your channel and all the way at the bottom is the start stream when he hit start stream to technically get it to Go you have to rotate the camera, and this will activate it.

Let me get somewhere. I can go over three two one. You’ll, start broadcasting now at the top of the header there. It has your title in your stream and then also, if you tap on the screen there, you will get the overlay for flipping your camera.

If you need to do that, just like we do here again can’t, see much of anything cuz. It shows the cradle and, if you need to end, the stream hits right over there on the right side is where it will populate the chat for when people start typing in to your stream.

Everything like that and at the bottom shows you that your live or if you’re gonna, have any interruption issues and the bottom right-hand corner of the video player itself has three dots that allows you to share the stream again.

So this way again, you can access if you need to tweet it out or post it anywhere for a certain link or if you want to mute the microphone or hide the chat. So that way it goes out of the way and you can even click back.

The chat, if you need to alright so for the last option, where you can lock your screen, I’m a little bit confused because when I first did the recording on this video, I thought lock screen literally meant you would lock your screen at A horizontal and when you record – and you turned it to show like different angles and move it around it, wouldn’t, adjust the camera frame and it did that the first few times, but now it doesn’t seem like it does, That anymore, so then I assume perhaps maybe lock screen made it.

So you couldn’t accidentally touch buttons like hit the end stream button. When you didn’t mean to, but it doesn’t. Do that either. So I’m, actually not entirely what locking your screen does. So, if anybody knows out there make sure you leave a comment down below or twitch.

If you’re watching how about you, let us know the only thing that I think that’s, really missing from this introductory version of mobile streaming to twitch. Is you really don’t get to pick what resolutions you’ll be broadcasting at and we also don’t know what kilobit rate we’re broadcasting at so I don’t know if It’s on a dynamic basis where it will automatically adjust for the best situation for where you are in your internet.

But I can only assume that’s, probably the way that it’s built since that’s. Almost streaming services and broadcasting services are going well. You made it this far, so allow me to give you some awesome tips.

Gon na allow you to crush it when you’re doing your live mobile streams to twitch. Now, our first tip is, is, if you kind of have a little bit of an older phone, I would recommend only keeping the front-facing camera or the camera that faces away from you and not flip it flip-flopping between the two that often because switching that camera has A hard time keeping the processing power going and there will be a lot of stutter which can make you drop a lot of frames and sometimes can even crash your stream so think about what content you’re gonna be generating pick one and Stick with it number two is think about where you will be streaming through: the entire movement of the stream, as in where you’ll, be walking around to and think about.

If there’s, gonna be strong internet or not or even Wi-Fi, because the whole point of this tip is you need to pick if you want to have Wi-Fi on where it’ll be searching for it or off and going Off LTE, 5G, 4G, whatever you have access to the reason, this tip is important because if you tell it to search for both – and it looks for Wi-Fi but keeps flipping between LTE and back and forth there’s.

Gon na be a lot of stutter and a lot of drop frames, because your phone doesn’t know what to do. So. If you have access to a certain point like a hotspot or Wi-Fi just stick with that, and that way you’ll have a flawless stream or if you’re on the go where there’s, not a lot of Wi-Fi stick with LTE 5G 4G, and that way you’ll have a good stream angles are super important when doing a mobile stream, so make sure you invest in something that’s. Gon na give you good angles: cuz. Nobody wants to look up at your nose for an entire stream, so make sure you invest in, like a nice, selfie stick or a good little tripod or self stick that can hold your camera.

We’re even like a Joby Gorillapod stand, so that way you can mount your camera somewhere will be easy to see you and what you’re doing for the content that you’re generating. You can even get like a switchblade tripod, so that way you can have a tripod and a nice little hand.

Grip selfie stick mount that you can take on the go, but this really helps with capturing what you’re trying to do that. You want to show to your audience and trust me. It’s. Gon na pay, huge dividends.

Mobile streaming to twitch is a great way to give your community more of what they want, which is obviously you so go ahead and give mobile streaming a shot, and if you do and you like it, do me a favor leave me a comment down below, because I’d love to hear your feedback now, if you like doing mobile streaming and you need some more helpful tips and tricks or any other platforms that you may be interested.