In this article, we will show you step by step that, how to use the How to Use Whatsapp App on Android and iPhone – 2021 Beginner’s Guide, I hope you found this useful.

Everyone in today’s, video. I wanted to show you how to use WhatsApp. So if you’re new to WhatsApp or you don’t, think you’re, getting the most out of the app in this video. I want to walk you through exactly how to use WhatsApp and everything.

Does Whatsapp App have to offer a few years back what’s?

The app was acquired by Facebook, so, like Instagram WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and it was recently rebranded as WhatsApp from Facebook, but nothing much has changed inside of WhatsApp.

They do have some new features that I’m gonna talk about as well. When we go over there, so let’s, go ahead and jump into the App Store or Google Play Store. Look for WhatsApp! We’re gonna go ahead and install it download it.

I’ll. Show you how to set up your account and everything dad has to offer. Let’s jump into the phone right now. So what is WhatsApp WhatsApp is basically a messaging app with the ability to make phone calls and to do video chat.

You could also send attachments, photos, videos and it’s very popular because you could do all this for free. Just using your cell phone data, you don’t have to pay any additional money for using that and at the time of the recording right now, WhatsApp has over 300 million active users.

You could download it. Whatsapp spelled exactly like this from the App Store or the Google Play Store for Android and it’s, a much more popular app on Android, especially outside of the United States, because of the free calls and text I’m gonna use the iPhone version here, but it’s.

Basically the same on Android, let’s, look for WhatsApp here and it’s called WhatsApp messenger. I’m gonna open it. There’s. Also, WhatsApp business and it’s, a business version of WhatsApp that I have a different video about.

So you could check that out. I’ll link it in the description. Let’s, open WhatsApp here, and I completely deleted the app, so we could start from scratch. This is the home page. You have to press agree and continue and WhatsApp will use your phone number to connect.

It’s a really simple process. So, if you don, t have an account yet typing your phone number here and choose your country press down on top and WhatsApp will most likely send you a verification text.

Message to this number go ahead and type that in and now you could enter your name and add a profile picture which is optional. I’ll, just go ahead and type in my name here and press done, and now we have our account set up.

So let’s. Look at the app the main menu is on the bottom of the page. You have status, calls camera chat, and settings and we’ll go through the most common ones. Here the most used option is sending a message to someone else, so you could get there by clicking the chat icon, and here you basically have a couple of options.

You could tell a friend about WhatsApp that’s for people that don’t have WhatsApp and you could basically send them an invite. If you press that you could mail message or more and let them know to download WhatsApp or you could start messaging to start messaging.

You could press start messaging here, but the easier way is to press the compose icon on the top right and because I give it access to my phone number in the beginning. It has access to my contacts here, so I could see exactly which one of my friends and family members here in alphabetical order have Whatsapp.

I could search on top for their name by pressing the search option or I could press new contact and I could add someone with their phone number here. What’s, that if you don, t see them here? They probably don’t have WhatsApp installed on their phone, so you have to go ahead and invite them on the previous page.

You could also press new group chat here and it’s. Gon na allow you to, as you could see, ad 256 different people to the group, and then you could go ahead and message that group. If you wanted to use it as a group chat, we won.

T do that here we’ll, just go ahead and search for someone that we want to send an individual message to, and I’m gonna send a message here to Jordan. So I’m gonna select his name, and we’re inside of that chat window.

Now let’s. Look at the options we have here right here in the center. We have the plus sign, go ahead and press plus will give you access to the camera, photo library, documents, location, and contacts.

So you could go ahead and send any of these options here as an attachment that’s. What the plus option does so, if I press folder on video, for example, I could go ahead and select a picture on my dog here and if I press the airplane icon on the bottom right, you will simply send that to Jordan, just like that in the Middle, you have the chat window, so let me select a chat window here and the keyboard will come up where you can type so simply type your message here and then press the send icon again on the right side, and it will send that message.

That part is pretty straightforward. Next to you, have the sticker icon inside the chat window, and then you’ll have to add stickers by default, they don’t come so if I just press, add stickers here it’s.

Gonna give me a bunch of different folders of stickers in different categories. So let’s, say the cuppy one, the coffee mugs. I could go ahead and press the download icon and then it will be added. So now, if I go back, you could see I have those available.

I could always come over here, press the plus sign to get access, and add other ones just by pressing the download arrow and now they will be added here and I could jump between the different ones. I’ve downloaded here, and you have gifts right here on the very bottom, between stickers and gifts.

This is where you could search for them and send different gifts. So I’ll, go ahead and send this one. For example, again, you could always add a caption here or scroll up to add different filters here.

This is very similar to adding filters inside of Instagram. You have a bunch of other options here, like adding text, and things like that that we won’t dive too far into here, but you could just explore those options here to spice up your images or gifts that you’re sending here.

I’m gonna just go ahead and send this, as is next to that you have the camera icon. So if I press the camera icon, it will let you send videos or photos right here. So if I just press it, you will capture a photo and I could just press send to send a photo.

And if I press the camera icon again and hold in the middle here, it will basically capture a video of what I’m pointing at and if I let go, a message will be available to send here and, as you can see, you have more options, some editing options on top that you could play around with like trimming your video here and you could go ahead and add a caption if you wanted to and then press send and as you can see, it was sent just like that.

And finally, you have the microphone option which you basically could hold, and then, when you release it will send a voice memo. So this is not transcribing your audio to text. It’s, actually sending a voice memo.

If I let go just like that, it’s. Gonna send that voice memo, and now they could press play and play that voice memo. If you change your mind, you could actually hold on to any text message that you.

Ve sent video text or photos and you will have an option to start it as your favorites reply here or delete it. If you delete it here, let me go ahead and press the garbage. Can it’s been selected? I could do it to multiple photos and videos, press the garbage can, and say delete for everyone or myself.

If they haven’t seen it yet. You could delete for everyone and it will disappear. It will say that it. S been deleted, but it’s, a good way to take back something you didn’t mean to say, and on the same chat page you could make calls to that person or to the group here, and you could also video chat.

Both of the options are on the top right of the page. So if you press the phone call option, you will call that person based on their phone number and if you press the video option, it will do the same thing for video chat.

Let me exit here and go to the main page of the app again now back here on the chat page. Let’s. Look at a couple of other options, so you have your camera option on the bottom menu. If you go there, it’s, exactly what I just showed you, where you could take photos and videos.

So if you press this and take a picture here, it’s. Gonna allow you to send this picture to someone that you choose here. You could frequently contact a person, recent chat, or you could go ahead and search, but I feel like it’s, an easier option just to do this.

Inside the chat window rather than the camera icon, so I never use the camera icon there and you have your call option. If you jump into the call option it’s, gonna show you our outgoing calls, or you could press that phone plus icon on top and get access to your list of contacts that are using WhatsApp or create a group call.

Here again, I like to do everything in the chat window, so the app basically just is the chat window to me where I could do everything I want to. I never use the camera or calls icon, but from time to time I do use status.

So let’s, jump into status and status. If you’ve ever used, Facebook is basically the same process. You could do text photo or video status to do a text status, press the pencil icon here type in the text that you want.

On top. You could change the background color if you press the top right option and the font option. Is that T that will change the font and then you could press the airplane icon and it will add it to your status.

So now someone clicked my status. They’re gonna see exactly what I typed there and you also could do a photo status by just choosing the photo option, picking a photo or taking one, and then pressing that, and that will add it to your status here now.

You can see a couple of different options here text and photo status, and he’s going to say how many people viewed it here and you could press the forward option to send it to someone and just like Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat.

These do disappear every 24 hours, as you can see on the bottom here, and you have that privacy text on the top press that you could basically change. Who sees your updates so right here, you could change that privacy on your status, based on who you want.

If you just want your contacts here or only share with specific people, you could do that, and finally, let’s. Go to the settings option on the bottom of the page, and here you could see your account options.

Your chat option notification, data on usage, for example. Here you could see some of the settings that I have here and if you press your name on top here, it’s. Gonna, let you add a profile picture change, your phone number and change about, and by default, everyone gets hey there.

I’m using Whatsapp, so you could press that and change it to something else at work, for example, or type your own, and that’s. The complete beginner’s overview of Whatsapp. If you have specific questions, I do have other videos on Whatsapp so make sure you search this channel, and please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for easy to follow social media videos.

Whatsapp App TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS – you should try!!!

Hello, all your beautiful faces out there welcome back to my channel today, guys I have another hack, slash tips, tricks related video, except this time it’s. All about! Oh sorry, I’m, really excited for those of you who don’t know what Whatsapp is it’s, essentially a free messenger app and it’s.

Gonna sleep so amazing check it out an app store or play store. It will blow your mind, so I thought these hacks and tips and tricks would be super useful. I have 10 for you guys today and stay until the end of the video because the last one I will share with you guys is my favorite one.

My number one, my favorites but yeah. If you’re, not just subscribe to, please feel more than welcome to give this video a thumbs up. If you enjoy it share to do friends but other than that guys.

Did you know that you can make group video calls on WhatsApp it’s? Super simple. All you’re gonna do. Are you gonna contact the first person so, for instance, here I am phoning Mike and at the top there is a video icon?

You click on that and it immediately starts video calling him right. So here once he’s answered, we’re chatting and all the rest, but on the top right hand, side there is another little icon, like a person with a plus next to it, and if you click on that, it opens up The contacts and then you simply search for the contact whom you want to add to your video chat, and here I typed in my mom, I click add, and then we are having a 3-way video call.

How epic is that guys, and once again, you can click on that person icon with the plus sign on the top right hand, side, and add another person. So here I was searching for my dad and I could have added him to the video call.

If I wanted to now, I don’t know how useful this is for some people, but anyway you can bold italics and also strikethrough text on WhatsApp. So if you were to type anything, this is what it usually looks like hello, but if I want the text to be bold, you simply go to your special characters and click on the star symbol then type back whatever.

The message is that you want bolded and you put another star symbol again after that and, as you can see, the text turns to bold text. If you want to make the text italic, then you simply use the underscore symbol, as you see here, type out what you want to be italics put another underscore after your text, and the BAM it makes it italics, and the same goes for.

If you want the text to have a strikethrough, you simply use this funny-looking wiggly line III. Don’t really know what this is, but you use that you type out your message once again, you put another one at the end and hello, your strikethrough text is striped through.

Does that make sense it’s, pretty cool ooh location sharing? This was pretty epic when I found out for my friend how to use it. So if you look at the bottom of a chat, there is the attach icon. There is a location option: if you click on that option, you can see here, it says, share, live location, or send your current location, and basically, what this does is.

If you share your live location, you can choose between 15 minutes one hour, or eight hours, and it will share your exact location with that person or with whomever you want to share that with in the chat.

Does that make sense guys if parents you want to see where your kids are? You just tell them to share their location with you while they are, and you can literally laugh track them, then, if, at any point, you want to stop sharing your location with that person, you simply click on stop sharing, and that is it.

I thought this was a really cool little feature now. Another thing I didn’t know was that you can edit pics within WhatsApp, so say. For instance, you want to share a picture such as this one. I was just using this as an example.

If you click on the top right-hand corner there is that draw icon and you can literally draw on the picture you can make funny faces. You can do whatever you want. You can literally draw. You can add text, you can add emojis, you can crop the picture, and then eventually, when you are done or when you are happy with your little edited design, you can just send it to the chat, and here’s.

Just another example of how you can customize images and send them through to your chats once you’re done customizing. Oh, my goodness, when my friend told me about having what’s up on your desktop, I almost died.

So what you’re going to do! Are you’re going to type in WhatsApp web on Google and then once you click on what’s up to web? You will see this QR code pop up. Then what you’re going to do is go onto your phone into WhatsApp on the top right hand, side there’s, three dots, an icon, you click on there, and then you choose the option WhatsApp web.

Then it’s. Scan set QR code, as you saw again here. I’m scanning, the QR code and the BAM you have your whole WhatsApp set up on your desktop. Oh, my goodness has changed my life guys, and what’s? Also really cool? Are you can drag and drop files from your desktop? As you see, I’m doing here.

I’m, just dragging the file into the chat, and it sends it to them. It’ll also send it to their phone and their desktop if they’re using desktop guys. I love desktop so so damn much okay, adding chat shortcuts to your home screen is also the bomb.

com, so say. For instance, this is a group like my mom and dad that I chat with really often if I click on them and I click on the top right-hand icon once again and then I click on more. There will be an option that says add a shortcut.

So if I click on that it, ll literally add a shortcut to this chat on my home screen. As you can see, there’s, his mom and dad, and if I click on it, Take me directly to their chat, so it’s, just a shortcut to get to your most used to chat.

So if you’re, not I’m saying all right. The status updates, aka Instagram stories for WhatsApp, as you can see at the top of the screen here, it says chats status and calls. So if you swipe to the left here’s where you can basically add your stories to WhatsApp.

So if I click on my own profile, I can take a picture, or I can add a picture from my gallery in Jane. I’m using this one as an example, I’m. Sorry – and I can add text I can add emojis I can do basically everything you can do Instagram stories and then I can post it.

If you don’t want to post a picture from your gallery or a picture that you’ve taken. You can also just click on that pen, icon, and type some text out and then also post, that to your status, most stories and then over here is the ones that other people who are in my contacts have posted.

So I blurt this out just for privacy reasons, but here I can view their WhatsApp stories, basically pinning chaps all right so say. For instance, there’s a group or a person who you talk to the most.

Often, if you want, you can actually pin that chat to the top of your page and all you simply do is you hold down and then at the top there you will see a pen looking icon. You click on that and bam that group or person who you chat with will always stay at the top.

So again, here’s. Another example, like my dad I chat with him. Often I just hold down click on the pin icon and he will also stay at the top, always every single time. I do pull over what’s up it’ll be my dad and that other group.

But if say, for instance, I want to unpin them. I just hold down, I click the pin icon and but I have unpinned again so I think it’s. A really little nifty feature and some of you might like that. I don’t, know ok, number 9 starring messages in chats.

Let me explain sometimes, when you’re, looking for important information, you have to scroll through the millions of texts that you’ve sent each other, but what you could actually do to get to the important information is simply hold on.

I’m using a recipe for my mom, for example, and you click that stop and what that does. Is it basically puts that information in a separate folder? So if I hold down on my mom’s profile – and you see here, it says starred messages.

If I click on that it shows all the little messages that I’ve ever started between my mom and me so I don’t have to scroll through all our chats just to find that one bit of information does that make sense guys and if I Want to take it out of the star folder, I simply hold down and click the star icon.

Does that make sense guys? I really hope it does. Finally, on to my favorite and that is gifts within WhatsApp, I had no idea. You could do this until like two weeks ago and then I just went ape. So if you click on the emoji icon, on the left-hand side there at the bottom, you will see a smiley face, icon, and a gift icon.

If you click on gifts, guys it, ll show you all the most used or trending gifts at the moment or you can click on the search, icon, bottom, left, and search for whatever give you want. So here I’m, just searching for laughing as an example, and you can choose whatever gift you want.

I decided to go with this one. Then you can type a little message along with it. So I just said haha and then I sent it and the person will get a gift, guys. It is so funny to use gifts within-group messages sometimes, and they are such a great way.

As I’m sure, you know to express yourself and you can also use gifts on the desktop hallelujah. Oh my word, this is by far my favorite thing to do on Seba. Let me know down in the comment section, which was your favorite hack, tip trick, and yeah guys don’t forget.

I have a whole bunch of other Instagram stories, related hacks tips, and tricks. You should probably click on one of these videos. I’m just saying, but thank you guys so much for watching and until next time.